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The Grizzle mutation in Zebra Finches is both one of the most difficult to breed to Standard and also one of the most difficult to classify in Judging. Many good Grizzles are rejected as Pieds and many Grizzle Pieds sneak through in the Grizzle class. 

By Terry Martin BVSc

Avian gastric yeast live in the digestive tract. Many birds carry it without any apparent harmful effects, but it can make the bird susceptible to other diseases such as trichomoniasis, feather mite infestation, cnemidocoptic mange and chlamydophilosis (Environment Australia).


Since early 2010 a number of scientific study groups around the world have Sequenced the genome of the ZEBRA, along with a lot of other birds, i.e., they have counted all the chromosomes and all of the gene loci contained in them.


I found quite a few things that I or we do for our birds, which directly impacts on our birds need to adapt to their environment. Firstly the simplest answer, if you want to maintain, So called normals, don’t put them in an aviary, leave them out in their chosen environment, 


From the Federation if Zebra Finch Societies Australia Show Standard approved August 2004, type is:

“The bird is to be perfectly balanced and convey the impression of being evenly proportioned. Back, from nape of neck to root of tail to be almost straight, slightly concave. Chest nicely rounded, neither heavy nor prominent; the line continuing to vent, tapering towards end of tail” 

Within the genus of the Zebra Finch there appeared to one of our breeders, Mr. Bruce Read a rather oddly coloured Grey hen which he discovered in a bird dealers establishment. Taking this bird home he decided to build a family around it to see what would be produced.

By Ellis W. Thornley.

Remember that the cock and the Hen can only pass on, one half of all the chromosomes they carry, in effect that means that only one half of the cock’s, and one half of the hen’s, genes are passed on to their progeny, So that each young gets it’s allocation of two genes for all of its given features. Remember, 65% of all the genes the bird has are not there for colour size and type they are there to fight bacteria and viruses’


Australian scientists make the surprising discovery that Zebra Finches sing to eggs and in so doing, influence hatchling development.

By Johnathon WEBB, Science Reporter, BBC News - 19 August, 2016.

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